Frequently Asked Questions....

When I call for a quote, what can I expect?

I’ll arrange an appointment to suit you ASAP. I’ll then go through your requirements and prepare a fixed price quote for you. This will be put in writing, detailing each aspect of the work you require and the length of time it will take. If accepted, I will then book you in and I’ll guarantee that I’ll turn up on this agreed date.

How do you protect the workspace?

I use fresh, waterproof tarpaulins for each job, taped with carpet tape at the sides. Mixing is carried out on top of coverings too.

Are there any hidden extras?

I pride myself on fixed prices. No estimates, no unknowns. The price I quote is the price you will pay, I don’t charge VAT.

Do you have references?

Yes, references are brought to each job when quoting. I’ve had many kind letters over the years thanking me for the quality of work that I’ve carried out. Something I’m proud to show off. Please see the references page for a few extracts.

What type of materials do you use?

I use multi-finish plaster and high quality aggregate-based bonding-agents. Sands are top quality and washed. My reputation is in large part determined by the materials I use and I believe this makes a difference to the end result and its longevity.

What do I do if I want to change my work requirements?

That’s fine, but please let me know ASAP to any changes that you want to make to the quote, so I can prepare prior to arrival.

Can I use a heater or de-humidifier to speed-up the drying process?

This is a big no-no. It could cause crazing in the finished surface. The only way is the natural way. Good ventilation will help.


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